Progressive Yamhill is a non-partisan community group. While we focus on engaging action around progressive issues, we feel strongly that the MOST important issue is voter participation, regardless of ideology or party affiliation. True to that mission, we have collected the following information to supplement the Yamhill County voter’s pamphlet with information about county candidates which is available online. We have included all information we are aware of for ALL candidates for non-partisan offices, with no intended preferential treatment toward candidates who may be more “progressive” in their politics.

Are we missing something? LET US KNOW!

We hope this list helps Yamhill County voters feel more confident in their decisions, and encourages more people to VOTE!


Last day to register: April 19, 2020

Ballots mailed: Beginning

Ballots due: 8pm, May 19, 2020.  Mail ballots back at least 1 week prior to ensure delivery, OR find your dropbox here. Learn more at the Yamhill County Clerk’s website. See the Voters Pamphlet.