Hello, new members! We’re so glad you’re here. This document outlines how the Private Progressive Yamhill group works.

Before you go, help us reach you:

  1. Click the ‘Notifications’ button at the top and choose “All Posts”.
  2. Click the […] button at the top and choose ‘Pin to Shortcuts’. Then click the link in your Shortcuts at left to come directly to this group page so you don’t miss posts!
  3. Sign up for our mailing list: We will send weekly local news updates, event reminders, and action requests directly to you just in case Facebook decides to remove us from your timeline.
  4. Add our Google Calendar to yours to keep track of local events! If you use google calendars, all you have to do is pull it up and click “add a friend’s calendar,” and type in “progressive.yamhill.” It will send us a message for approval, and once we verify that you’re a member of this group we will add you!

This group was created when a group of Yamhill County residents came together to find a way forward after the November, 2016 election. Neighbors who did not know each other prior to the election, we have built a community based on our shared hopes for our country and our county. We’ve accomplished so much together!

Progressive Yamhill is guided by a steering group made up of Megan Corvus, Amy Wilder, Susan Delventhal, Alyson Lafky Larkin, Shay McClean, Sidonie Winfield, Kathleen Moss, and Stephanie Bell Findley. Together with all of you, we work to develop this group into one that focuses on local political engagement and education. This is a space for everyone to lead. Group members are encouraged to raise their hands and contribute ideas, organize events, and support each other as we grow and learn together.

Please help grow and improve our impact by adding local friends to this group. Simply type their name into the ‘add member’ box at the top right of this page. ALL new members are vetted by moderators to ensure that this group continues to be a safe space.

Group & Posting Guidelines

  1. This is a secret Facebook group. To maintain privacy, please do NOT ‘share’ posts from this group to your own personal Facebook timelines. If you want to share a link posted in the group, start a new post on your own wall and share it that way.
  2. Posts should to be relevant to Yamhill County or Congressional District 1 (Bonamici). For posts that are more applicable to state or country-wide news or action we encourage you to consider the Pantsuit Nation state group, which has wider reach.
  3. If you issue a call to action (prompting members to make phone calls, write postcards, etc.), please be as specific as possible. Scripts, phone numbers, and background info are always helpful.
  4. The BEST way to let this group know about an event is to share the Facebook event listing in the group. That way, the event will also appear in the Progressive Yamhill Events list and on our Google Calendar. Hey, you should follow our calendar! It’s updated with all our events, and an easy way to keep track of what’s coming up in the county. If you use google calendars, all you have to do is pull it up and click “add a friend’s calendar,” and type in “progressive.yamhill.” It will send us a message for approval, and once we verify that you’re a member of this group we will add you!
  5. Our purpose is to ‘educate and inform, and actively participate’. Share the good news, too!
  6. Posts should contain some sort of commentary, such as a caption or preferably a personal statement. People are seeing a lot of information right now on their feeds — try to help them understand why your information is important by making it personal.
  7. Links should be to reliable sources. Clickbait, rumor, or fake news from either end of the spectrum will be removed from the page.
  8. Repeat posts (within 24h) will be deleted and the poster will be tagged in the original post to engage in the conversation there.
  9. Posts and comments should be made keeping in mind Progressive Yamhill’s mission to create a “community that both respects and creates equity, inclusion, safety and freedom from fear & hate for all”. That includes people we may politically disagree with.

Posts not meeting these guidelines will cause the Admins to reach out to the poster to resolve the issue. Posts may be deleted if no response is received in a timely manner.


website: http://progressiveyamhill.com/email: progressive.yamhill@gmail.comtwitter: https://twitter.com/progressiveyam